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When consumers look for fire safety service, they are looking to fulfill two needs: safety and legality. In order to be a safe and legal establishment, all businesses, and some residential areas, are required to have fire safety equipment easily accessible and inspected and certified on an annual basis.

The following is a list with general descriptions of some services that we provide.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection and Certification

We do fire extinguisher inspection, testing, and maintenance in accordance with NFPA standards to ensure that the fire extinguisher will operate when needed. (Annually)

Fire Extinguisher Sales

We sell both new and reconditioned fire extinguishers.

Fire Hose Inspection and Certification

We do our fire hose services and certifications in accordance with NFPA standards to ensure that the fire hose will operate when needed. (Annually)

Wet Standpipe Systems

Wet Standpipe systems are tested to ensure that proper flow rates are achieved in the event of a fire. (5 year test)

Dry Standpipe Systems
Dry Standpipe systems are both flow and hydrostatically tested to ensure that the fire department can use the system with certainty that it will operate as designed. (5 year Test)

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Systems are inspected at both the pull stations and control panels to ensure that proper communication between both devices is achieved, and that the gong and striker mechanisms are operating smoothly and promptly when pull stations are activated. Each pull station is maintained annually to extend life of the unit.

Sprinkler Systems

We provide Automatic Fire Sprinkler System inspection, testing, and maintenance. Sprinkler Systems are a vital part of fire protection in most industrial and residential occupancies.

Fire Hydrants

We provide inspection, testing, and maintenance of personal fire hydrants. Fire hydrants are flow tested to measure both static and residual pressure, as well as GPM flow. Caps and valves are also checked to make sure they operate freely.     We also inspect for proper clearance around the hydrant.

Other Services

Please contact us for information on other services that we provide.

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